Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Meeting with Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27)

The meeting was held on Wednesday August 28, 2013. 


AAA Fact Sheet

This fact sheet describes the programs and services proviced by AAAs in New York State, along with contact information for each office.

e Reasons to Reauthorize the OAA

This document was prepared for the entire NYS Congressional Delegation, and includes details on the OAA Titles and types of
programs funded for the most recent fiscal year.

Older Americans Act: The Centerpiece for Long-Term Services & Supports

This document was customized for each Congressional District:

Hon. Chris Collins
27th Congressional District 

Demographic charts for all 27 Congressional Districts in New York   view

Top 5 ways the Sequester Puts the Squeeze on Older Americans   view

The sequestration that occurred in March 2013 resulted in a $2.2 million cut to funding for aging services programs in New York.

Impact of Sequestration   view

Federal Priorities  

This document summarizes the federal priorities of Aging-NY and includes the priorities of n4a (National Association of Area Agencies on Aging).

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