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Online Certificate Training Program
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many online courses do I have to take to complete program?
The program consists of five required courses. 

2. How long do I have to complete the course?
Your Behavioral Health in Aging coursework must be completed by October 31, 2017, including online evaluations and assessments at the conclusion of each of the five courses. Behavioral Health in Aging learners enrolling after July 1, 2017 your coursework must be completed within five months from your enrollment date.

3. Do I have to take each course in one sitting?
You are not expected to complete an online course in one sitting or from one device. Login and out as needed to complete the program. 

4. Do I have to take them in a specific order?
Yes. Upon enrollment you will have access to one online course. After you complete the first online course, the second online course will release into your account.

5. Once I finished my coursework, when do I receive my certificate?
You may print certificates for each course upon completion. All participants who have completed all coursework will receive the final Certificate at the beginning of the following month. For example, if you complete the Case Management Certificate Training Program in October, you will receive your certificate in November. 

6. Will these courses meet my continuing education requirements?
This program will carry 19 CEU's hours. Contact your individual state jurisdiction to review current continuing education requirements for licensure renewal. It is up to the licensee (you) to be sure that the content of the courses will meet the requirements of his or her board and that online courses are accepted.  Your jurisdiction's licensing/certification board always has the final say as to whether the continuing education courses you took will be approved.  Print out your CEU certificate after successfully completing each course.

7. Can I share my materials?
Materials and course materials belong to Boston University's Center for Aging and Disability Education and Research and cannot be used for purposes other than online training for the organization or individual who registers and enrolls in CADER.  Course completion cannot be transferred to another training participant.

8. What happens if I cannot pass the course quiz for a course within 10 tries?
Unfortunately, this would jeopardize receiving your certificate since 10 tries are the maximum allowed to pass each course.  You would still receive CEU's for any courses successfully completed. It is recommended that you use a printout of the course for review prior to completing the assessment. You can take your time studying since you enter the system and complete the assessment when you are ready.  However, training participants often find that they do better taking the assessment sooner than later.

9. What happens if I do not choose to take one or more of the courses because I either changed my mind or have other priorities?
Once you have enrolled in a course, that training slot has been filled and cannot be transferred to another person. Your application to the program represents a commitment. If you change your mind before enrollment, please contact your local NYS AAA Training Coordinator immediately. 

10. Is it mandatory to take the assessment and the course evaluation?
The course assessment is a content-based test of your knowledge after completing the coursework.  It provides a basic measurement of learning and a way to assess successful course completion as part of the certificate program.  It is also used to aggregate data for reporting to this organization and for research purposes by Boston University.

11. Will I receive my Certificate when I complete all the courses?
Participants who complete all training required will receive the Certificate within 1 month following the contractual end of training, which is the date when access ends to the online courses.

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